Cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”.

All video produced and directed by Dylan Morgan


All audio produced by Bob Morgan.  (Home Studio Recording)

All instruments:  (Martin and Gibson guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion):  Gil Barakat / Bob Morgan

All vocals:  Gil Barakat / Bob Morgan


BEFORE VIEWING: Note this is 720P High Definition. What does that mean to you? When you click on PLAY, hover your mouse over the bottom of the video and hit the PAUSE button to allow time for the green bar to download ahead of you for a bit so when you resume playing you won't catch up to the download. Otherwise the video will keep pausing on you. Video created, directed, and edited by Dylan Morgan. Cover of Simon and Garfunkel's


Cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bleecker Street”

Lead Acoustic Guitar (Gibson):  Gil Barakat

Backing Acoustic Guitar, Bass:  Bob Morgan

Vocals:  Bob Morgan / Gil Barakat

This song was very personal to us both, as it reflected where we grew up.  Many a night spent in The Village.

Cover of Simon & Garfunkel's

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